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How Percent Founder and CEO, Nelson Chu, is transforming private debt markets

Today we have a guest who is transforming the private debt markets. Nelson Chu is the Founder & CEO of Percent (formerly known as Cadence), a leading digital securitization and investment platform for private credit. Nelson has built a marketplace to revolutionize private credit by leveraging technology and data to enable efficient price discovery and funding for originators so they can lower their cost of capital. The business has started to take off in the past year, with Percent recently completing their largest securitization ever - $144 million for FAT Brands – and raising a $12.5M Series A led by White Star and B Capital. To date, Percent has issued over $400 million in private credit transactions. Nelson has the Wall Street background to understand the private credit world and the startup background to understand how to build companies. Prior to founding Percent, he founded Lumenary, a strategy consulting firm that specialized in helping companies build products and raise capital for growth. He worked at BlackRock in their Fixed Income Portfolio Management’s Strategy Group and in the Global Wealth and Investment Management Division at Bank of America. Nelson is also an active startup advisor and angel investor, investing into companies like BlockFi, Cadre, Care/Of, Clover Health, dv01, Tala, and Uala. Nelson and I had a fascinating conversation about the future of debt capital markets and how Percent is changing the game for originators and investors as they leverage technology and data to bring transparency and speed to the market.

How WAX Founder & CEO Calvin Bradley is insuring that alts go mainstream

Today we have a founder who is creating a modern insurance provider for the collectibles industry that was made for collectors, by collectors. Calvin Bradley is the Founder of WAX, a digital insurance company for collectors to protect the value of their collections by making collecting safer, easier, and more community-oriented. Calvin and I had a fascinating conversation about how the modern world of collectibles requires a modern, digital insurance solution, how NFTs factors into the world of collectibles, and what the future looks like for WAX. Insurance is a major challenge in the collectibles space. It is often hard to properly appraise valuable items on a real-time basis as there has yet to be real-time data in many collectibles markets. WAX is building a modern insurance provider, for collectors, by collectors. Founded by a team that has deep experience owning collectibles, they have created a mobile app to enable users to take pictures of their collectibles and have them protected. And, as more collectibles purchases move online, WAX is working with retailers point of sale systems to offer insurance at time of purchase. Calvin has quite a fascinating background to launch WAX. Calvin was a former Olympic level Modern Pentathlete from South Africa before teaming up with David Nichols, the former Global President of K-Swiss to launch WAX. Calvin also co-founded Blockchain for Change in 2016. They have since launched a product that is built for the digital age of insurance and for the collectibles world.

How Vinovest Founder & CEO Anthony Zhang is turning a passion for wine into an investable asset class

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have a guest who may be young in age, but has already done more and lived through more than many people twice his age. Anthony Zhang recently turned 26 but has already successfully built and sold two companies, secured funding from Mark Cuban, and received a Thiel Fellowship grant before starting Vinovest, his third company, which is making it easier to access fine wine as an investment product. He also has an admirable and awe-inspiring personal story, working hard to come back from a devastating accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was in the middle of running his second company, EnvoyNow, when this accident happened and, despite the tremendous adversity he faced, was able to continue to build the business and achieve a successful sale. Anthony recently founded Vinovest, a platform that has been described as the Robinhood of wine investing. He’s built an investment platform that is unlocking wine investing to the masses.

How crowdfunding OG Slava Rubin is building the on-ramp to alternative investing with Vincent

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have one of the OGs of the crowdfunding space on to talk about how he’s built platforms that have evolved in tandem with the alts ecosystem. Slava Rubin is the founder of both Indiegogo, one of the first crowdfunding platforms, and Vincent, a platform that is making discovery and alternative investments easier for investors. He is also the founder of humbition, an early-stage investment firm. We had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of the alts space – from the early days of equity crowdfunding to now wading through all the different options of investment platforms in the alts space today. We talk about: the evolution of the alts space, the alts portfolio of the future, and the need for an aggregator – and how once other industries, like travel, had an aggregator, the space took off.

How Rally Co-Founders Chris Bruno & Rob Petrozzo have turned culture into an investable asset

Today we have a special episode of Alt Goes Mainstream – the co-founders of Rally on to discuss how people can now invest into defining cultural moments and assets that are aligned with their passions. Chris Bruno and Rob Petrozzo grew up together – and they have combined their respective talents to form what has become one of the symbols for the financialization of all sorts of assets. Rally, which started as a platform to enable investors to invest into shares of classic cars that would be unattainable to many investors, has become a multi-asset investment platform that allows individual investors to invest into all sorts of exotic, rare assets at low minimums. Chris, Rob, and I had a fascinating conversation about how Rally built and evolved their concept from classic cars to all sorts of rare, grail assets. We discuss: How they got into collectibles themselves. How they’ve waded through complex regulatory structures to figure out how to offer these assets to the masses. How they grew up together and have now built a company that aligns with their passions. And how on earth they were able to IPO a triceratops skull and IPO a rookie card of the United States (hint: the Declaration of Independence).

Pipe's Chief Business Officer Michal Cieplinski on how they have built a unicorn by unlocking recurring revenue as an asset class

Today, we have an expert in lending and capital markets on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast to discuss how his company, Pipe, is building a new asset class. Michal Cieplinski is the Chief Business Officer for Pipe, a fast growing fintech company. Pipe has seen a rapid rise over the past year. They are one of the fastest fintech companies to reach a $2 billion valuation – and it’s in large part because investors see the potential to build a platform that unlocks recurring revenue as an investable asset class for the world’s largest institutional investors. Michal deeply understands the inner workings of credit and lending on both the borrower and lender side from his experiences helping to build Fundbox, LendingClub, and now Pipe. Pipe was born from the idea that entrepreneurs and companies should be able to grow their businesses on their terms – without taking debt or dilution. This was a fascinating discussion with someone who has seen the evolution of a number of lending platforms.

How Bitso's Co-Founder & CEO Daniel Vogel has built a unicorn by making crypto useful

Today, we have our first LatAm guest on the AGM podcast. And it was a special one. Bitso, LatAm’s leading crypto exchange, is fresh off of raising a $250M round led by Tiger Global months after raising a $62M round led by QED and Kaszek - and has been minted as one of LatAm’s newest unicorns. We had Bitso’s co-founder and CEO Daniel Vogel on to talk about what it has been like to build a leading FinTech company in the region and provide access to investments and financial services. This was such a fun conversation. We could have gone on for hours. We discussed a number of things including: how Daniel has dedicated his life to unlocking monetary freedom for people through crypto, how a talk with his friend, a janitor at his company in Silicon Valley, opened his eyes to the need for real applications of crypto to help people send money cross-border, the origins of Bitso and how Bitso was a pioneer of an online brokerage account in Mexico, how Bitso has become the on-ramp for financial services for many consumers across LatAm, the meaning behind Bitso’s slogan #makecryptouseful, the power of stablecoins and how it’s enabling people in countries with inflation and currency fluctuations to save money, how Bitso balances being a centralized company in a decentralized world, and how religion and community play a unique role in crypto.

Allocate Founder & CEO Samir Kaji on why emerging managers are the future of venture capital

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have a domain expert in the world of VC – and someone who has been a visionary when it has come to one of the biggest movements in VC over the past 8 years: emerging managers. Samir Kaji, the Founder & CEO of Allocate, is a well-respected industry leader in the VC world. He has spent over 20 years partnering with VCs at First Republic Bank and Silicon Valley Bank, where he led the Venture Capital and Private Equity banking efforts. At First Republic, he built out the infrastructure and client base that served the VC and PE community. He’s evaluated over 800 VC fund managers and worked with thousands of LPs at First Republic. Samir and I had a fascinating conversation about the evolution of venture capital and what's to come for the industry.

FarmTogether CEO Artem Milinchuk on why everyone should invest into farmland

Today we have a guest who is bringing farmland investing to the masses. After working for one of Canada’s largest pension plans, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and running Operations and as the CFO at a platform for buying and selling produce, Artem Milinchuk founded FarmTogether to bring an asset that has largely been the domain of institutional investors to individuals. Artem and I had a fascinating conversation. We discussed: * How farmland deserves a place in all investors’ portfolios – in large part due to its features as a hedge against inflation and a passive income generating investment. * How to underwrite a farmland asset. * How he one day envisions the ability to invest into farmland embedded directly into one’s brokerage account. * He also made a great case for how we can eat our way into supporting farmland investments, like hazelnut farms, which happen to be some of the types of farms that Artem likes to invest into. FarmTogether is a technology-enabled farmland investment platform that provides investors with direct access to US farmland as an asset class. They have developed an end-to-end investment platform that allows investors to review carefully vetted farmland investments and invest in properties.

The trailblazing "Queen of British VC," Passion Capital Partner Eileen Burbidge, on startup royalty and venturing into the crowd

Today we have one of the pioneers of the European tech ecosystem on to discuss how the European early-stage VC landscape has changed since its early days – and how their fund, Passion Capital, has unlocked access to investors with their latest fundraise. Eileen Burbidge, a Founding Partner of Passion Capital, and I had a fascinating conversation about all things VC, opening up access to the asset class to individual investors, what it means for the future of venture capital, and Eileen’s love of Arsenal and why she’s not a fan of the European Super League. Eileen has built a reputation as the go-to VC for seed stage companies in the UK and Europe – and for good reason. She founded Passion in 2011 as one of the first Seed funds in London, serving a critical market need for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in London. She’s now trailblazing once again by being one of the first funds to open up their LP base to the crowd, where they have partnered with Seedrs to allow individuals to invest into Passion’s latest fund.

CAIA CEO Bill Kelly on educating the world about alternative investments

Today we have a special guest who is one of the foremost leaders in the alternatives industry. Bill Kelly is the CEO of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA), the leading global educational and professional credentialing body dedicated to delivering greater knowledge and alignment for investors in the alternative investments space. Bill and I had a fascinating conversation. His thoughtful and eloquent views on the evolution of the alternatives space led us to talk about: * How the Retirement Promise has impacted consumers and investors and what it means for alternative investments. *The importance of being a fiduciary. * How CAIA consistently evolves their educational program to cover emerging trends like crypto and DeFi. * How partnerships with leading investment platforms in the alts space like iCapital help to move the industry forward.

Forge CEO Kelly Rodriques on how private markets are the new public markets

Today, we have a special guest who is changing the mechanics of private company stock ownership and investing for the better for employees, companies, and investors alike. Kelly Rodriques is the CEO of Forge, the leading private company stock exchange and investment platform. On today’s podcast, Kelly and I discuss: * How private markets are the new public markets. * How companies like Forge are unlocking a huge wealth management opportunity hidden in plain sight. * How Forge is creating new accredited investors directly on their platform thanks to secondary market liquidity - and what that means for the alts space. * How the private markets can innovate with structured products like index funds that provide diversified exposure to blue-chip private company stocks. * How and why strategics like Deutsche Borse and BNP Paribas see Forge as critical to the private markets ecosystem.

Boost VC Co-Founder & MD Adam Draper on being one of the first investors in Coinbase

Alt Goes Mainstream hosted Adam Draper, Co-Founder & MD of Boost VC, on a live show on $COIN Day, the day that Coinbase had their IPO, to discuss what he saw in Coinbase as one of the first Seed investors. Adam and I had a wide-ranging, fascinating, and fun conversation. He joined the podcast to discuss what he saw in Brian Armstrong, Coinbase’s Co-Founder, when he decided to invest in their Seed round, what excites him about the future of crypto, and why he looks for founders who are rational people doing very irrational things.

Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan on how one of the founding fathers of the ETF industry saw a similar opportunity to mainstream crypto

Today on the Alt Goes Mainstream podcast we have Matt Hougan, the Chief Investment Officer of Bitwise Asset Management and one of the leaders in the crypto industry. On today's podcast, we talk about: * Matt's views on crypto. * How Bitwise is bringing crypto to the wealth advisory community. * How crypto's evolution is similar to that of the ETF market. * How community has played such a big role in making crypto go mainstream. Matt has had an illustrious career at the forefront of major industry shifts in financial services. He's been a pioneer in the creation of not just one, but two major asset classes and financial products. First ETFs, and more recently, crypto. Matt is the CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, one of the leading crypto-asset investment platforms with over $1 billion of AUM. Under Matt's leadership, Bitwise has pioneered the first crypto index fund and is the leading provider of rules-based exposure to the crypto space.

Dynasty Financial Partners Co-Founder & COO Ed Swenson on how wealth managers are navigating the alternative investments space

Today, we have a special guest from an industry leader in the wealth management space. Ed Swenson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the wealth management space. Ed is the Co-Founder and COO of Dynasty Financial Partners, a leading RIA technology services platform. Ed and I had a really interesting discussion about the future of the wealth management industry – and how alts will play a role in the evolution of the space. We discussed: how and why the wealth management industry is changing; how Dynasty is a champion of entrepreneurs in the wealth management space; the democratization of access and advice in wealth management; how and why wealth managers should have alternative investments in their portfolio; how VCs will soon realize that the RIA space will be a great source of LP capital for them; how advisors allocating to “alt alts” (like crypto, sports cards, collectibles, art) should be “on the table.”

Republic Founder & CEO Ken Nguyen on championing the retail revolution and democratizing access to private markets

Today, we have a guest who is powering the retail revolution by democratizing access to private investing. Ken Nguyen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Republic, a multi-asset investment platform for private markets. This was such a fascinating conversation. We talked about: Ken’s drive for starting an investment platform that could enable everyone to participate in wealth creation in private markets, how investing and owning equity is part of the American Dream, how Republic has unlocked access to private markets for all investors, “Lean back vs lean forward” framework applied to investing (h/t Rishi Garg of Mayfield Fund for the “lean back vs lean forward” framework), and how community is such a big driver of Republic’s growth and success as a business.

Alt Founder & CEO Leore Avidar on how sports cards are becoming an investable asset class

Today we have a guest who is building the infrastructure for a new asset class – sports cards. Leore Avidar is a visionary founder who is building a ground-breaking company, Alt. Alt is on its way to changing how we think about investing. This was such a fun conversation. We talked about how Leore’s experience and excitement for building infrastructure has dovetailed with his passion and love for sports and collecting cards, how he’s building the future of the sports card market with Alt by creating the tools and infrastructure to enable people to value, trade, and store their investments, how cards can be a tool to connect different generations through financial literacy, and how culture can become a financial asset.

iCapital Network CEO Lawrence Calcano on How to Build an Alts Platform for the Wealth Management Community

Lawrence and I had a great discussion about how to build an alts platform for the wealth management community, why iCapital serves such a big need for wealth managers and banks, how iCapital thinks about democratization of access and focuses on diligence, education, and quality control on their platform.

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